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Career Integration of African Women and How to Report the Violence Against Women in The Workplaces.

This is the Save the Rights activity report for the mini forum held on 3rd July 2022 at SojoValo Hotel in Kampala. Save the Rights, is an advocacy organization for the rights of women and girls in education and in the workplace. The organization advocates for the rights of workers, especially women, and campaigns to raise the level of professionalism of Somali women and to prevent all forms of violence against women in the workplace as well as abuse of young girls in the workplace and education.

Most of the participants of this mini forum were of different nationalities such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Somalia. There were approximately 100 participants including the facilitators, trainers, and panelists. The forum mainly focused on the integration of women and girls in Africa and discussed three main issues namely; the career integration of women in Africa and their importance to their communities, violence against women in the workplace and how to report it and finally performing their duties and in general to develop their careers. The majority of the women and girls who participated in this forum were so delighted with the activities and future prospects of Save The Rights as an organization.