Save The Rights — Feminist for all, Visibility and leadership

Who We



Save the Rights is to save women’s and girls’ rights in the workplace and in education.
Women’s career development to advocate for change, safe places to study and work, equal rights, effective decision-making, provide networking and capacity-building opportunities, and highlight the socio-economic challenges facing women, girls, and vulnerable groups through justice and career development with better education, by advocating, networking, capacity building, and awareness.

Save the Rights is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization. Established in Mogadishu, Somalia in January 2019.
This organization is committed to finding a safe space either in education places or workplaces for women and girls, fulfilling their rights and responsibilities, and encouraging them to work in technical jobs, presidential and judicial sectors also fighting against bad norms in culture.

To find a place to collect their stories about the challenges of the education area and workplace. To show their positive potential and to find a place for them to report discrimination and sexual harassment. That the organization monitors and reports to stakeholders, regional leaders, and institutions also report publically through media/social media.



Women’s career development to make a change through mediation, integration, and peace.



To ensure their safety in education and workplaces, ensure women’s rights are being protected using monitoring skills, justice advocacy, research, raising awareness, capacity building, integration, and special coaching for their career.

Our Goals

  • Women's career development and build on their social-economic circumstances with political integration.
  • Discovering and reporting on gender violence against women and girls in education and workplaces.
  • Promoting human rights and fighting against all types of violence against women and girls.
  • Increasing the number of female administrators and teachers in schools to ensure the young girl’s rights and to protect more.

Our Objectives

We need a new approach and girls should be prepared as they are now different.

  • Public parliamentary.
  • Public forums to present their solutions.
  • Girls mindset training programs for development.
  • Provide special courses for women both in the workplace and the workforce.
  • Finding a little girl who knows what she wants.
  • To offer career trauma healing and legal support.



Transparency and Accountability

We strive tendency to be open in communication and accountability, providing evidence of past actions to stakeholders, partners, benefactors, and beneficiaries also to complete and made available in a timely way.

Objectivity and independence

We are always focused on organizational objectivity and independence, fairness and unbiased based on evidence with freedom from conflicts of interests are our core values.


Creating new possibilities, innovating constructive ideas, develop solutions are our part in ensuring the growth of our organization.

Do Not Harm

We endeavor to make sure that all our programs, activities and initiatives do not cause any harm to our members, employees, beneficiary, community individuals and volunteer


As we ready the needs of the present we will be ready for the future generations to meet their own needs through having the leadership, endowment, global insights, and change strategies necessary to raise the exclusive challenges facing organizations today.

Project Implementation Plans

  • All decisions involving our work are based on consultation with the target population and relevant authorities.
  • Our project aims are to create sustainable impacts and results among the communities we serve.
  • All projects and activities are implemented in line with the interests of beneficiaries.


Save the Right is committed to ensuring transparency in the management of organizational resources. To realize this, we will take steps including but not limited to:

  • Yearly internal annual audit by certified and reputable audit firms and facilitating external audits.
  • Provision of annual, specific, periodic, financial reports, for partners and relevant stakeholders.
  • Used computerized and transparent financial systems and procedures.