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Career Integration of African Women and How to Report the Violence Against Women in The Workplaces

Save the Rights, an advocacy organization for the rights and safety of women and girls in the workplaces and education, held a mini forum on 7/3/2022 in Kampala, Uganda.

Save the Rights advocates for the rights of workers, especially women, and campaigns to raise the level of professionalism of Somali women and to prevent all forms of violence against women in the workplaces as well as abuse of young girls in the workplace and education.

The mini forum, which included trainings and debates aimed to raise the awareness of young people, especially women and girls, in order to protect them from violence in the workplaces.

These trainings and discussions were led by highly experienced people who have worked in various countries and continents in Africa, the UK and North America.

The forum Participants nationalities background were Nigeria, Chana, Kenya, Uganda and Somalia. The forum reflected the integration of women in Africa and discussed three main issues: The career integration of women in Africa and their importance to their communities, and the violence against women in the workplaces and how to report it. Performing their duties and in general to develop their career development.

The women who attended the forum praised it and said it was important to protect the rights of women and girls in the workplaces and in education as they faced many violence and at all the institutions, and private companies in the country.

Workers in general face abuse in the workplaces and are not given full rights due to the lack of strict laws and practices that generally protect workers in Somalia, especially women, who are vulnerable to challenges, difficult situations and frequent abuses.