Save The Rights — Feminist for all, Visibility and leadership


African professional women integration in particular political integration is very important for the development of African women as they will exchange different experiences that are unique to each group which can strengthen their careers and guides them in cooperation, expertise, and community development.

As full partners, women and men should jointly identify the community’s needs and respond creatively with appropriate solutions. Such a redefined social and economic development process would promote not only the material but the spiritual welfare of that community. 

In the view of Save the Rights, women can bring to the solution of problems special qualities of particular value in economic planning, including those qualities which accrue to their capacities as peacemakers and the wisdom derived from their familiarity with domestic and certain other fundamental social issues. 

This more integrated human approach would naturally take into account the crucial roles women play as mothers, educators, nutritionists, promoters of health care, and providers of emotional support to the family.