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FGM can make female students drop out

The Save the Rights organization in collaboration with the Global Media Campaign (GMC) has broadcasted awareness of the eradication of female genital mutilation at the Summer Cutting event in Puntland/Somalia with the help of IF and GMC.

We targeted the female students of Al-Hikma School and Haji Ali Medical Education Institute, 8 young female students we interviewed told us that most of them have experienced FGM and face many problems which is the reason that studies are interrupted for one week every per month due to illnesses.

Let’s continue this awareness and be a part of it all the different sectors of the society, especially scholars, academics (women’s associations and teachers), journalists, social activists and everyone who has a good role in the society and finding a platform to convey his/her message that they are responsible for the general safety of our girls and rather to protect their fundamental human rights, both health and mental from being violated.

One of the Save the Rights objectifies is to protect young female mental and physical health in education place through strengthen the FGM awareness within an enhancing girls’ rights that contributes to realize zero tolerance of any kind of FGM, resilient and accountable community in Somalia especially Puntland regions. The Specific objective is to discuss how to protect young girls from it and to collaborate eradicating FGM in Puntland state Somalia.

The main objective of this campaign was to design and produce audio and video program show to deal with specific issues on promotion of girl’s rights and to end FGM practice.

We engaged with the media to support ending FGM. There is urgent need to reframe FGM in the media to highlight and share stories of communities ending FGM and sharing new solutions. Engaging with the media enables you to inform them.

We used the interview and applied it in the form of psychosocial, and the interviewer who was familiar with social work professional guideline and applied his questions in the best way to interview the victim.

The biggest reason that makes me to invite them was the too closely observe the awareness of young girls in education and how they are harmed by FGM circumcision.