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Amplifying young women’s voices workshops in Somalia

Various women’s groups and new movements contribute to a culture of challenging harmful gender norms and making it easier for women to participate in public life as full citizens.

We Need to demonstrate women’s effectiveness in negotiating peace and learning lessons from our long-standing conflict that can lead to building a more equitable Somalia for everyone.

More Somali women engaging in higher education can be some of the most powerful tools to delay early child marriage and enable women to be leaders in their own right.

In addition to playing active roles in civil society, public service, the private sector, and political leadership, Somali women have also contributed to the expediting process of peacebuilding in Somalia. Women’s peacebuilding efforts encompass supporting societies as much as supporting individual women’s rights.

Solving the issues of violence and insecurity against women is key to transforming social structures for men and women, gender acceptance, and behavioral changes.